» Anyone who has dealt with sphinxes, with confidence I can say that a more loving breed of cats have not yet been created on our planet. «

Canadian Sphynx monobreed cattery «ELATION»

We are glad to see you on our Canadian Sphynx monobreed cattery «ELATION» website. The head of the cattery — a felinologist and a breeder Levonovich Marina (diploma RU-0199-DF-325/2014 Date 19/07 2014) is glad to invite you to the world of amazing, very gentle and active Canadian Sphynx cats.

Why Canadian Sphynx?

Getting in touch closely with Canadian Sphynx, your view on the nature of the cat family will totally change. You will discover a lot of positive points, connected not only with their unusual appearance, but also with their individual inner world.

Canadian Sphynx is a breed of cats almost without hair, that makes keeping your pet at home easier and solves the problem with fall-off. Losing their hair these lovely creatures have also lost their cat’s independence and got almost a dog’s allegiance and necessity always to be in a human's company. Friendly, loving and very gentle they totally have no aggression and very patient to children.

Native cleanliness and good manners are complemented with intellect, that allows the sphynx to perform some easy tricks, bring items, open the doors, «talk» and understand their owner from the first sight (or the first hiss).

Very curious, playful, good-natured, smart and devoted Canadian Sphynxes have won the hearts of all our family forever.

The name of our cattery «ELATION» appeared not by a chance. Yes, ELATION and delight is the feeling that everybody, who took in his arms a Canadian Sphynx kitten for the first time, feels.

Monobreed cattery «ELATION» offer you Canadian Sphynx kittens, that are bred and grow up in a house microclimate, together with young and grown up members of our family. They are totally adapted to a human, gentle, friendly and patient to the children.

Monobreed cattery of Sphynx breed

About canadian Sphynx cattery «ELATION».

The cattery «ELATION» is a closed type cattery. All the breedings are made only inside the cattery.

The sires in our Canadian Sphynx cattery «ELATION» undergo a medical examination regularly at a veterinary clinic. We do vaccinations, including the prevention of worms, test for general illnesses such as FELV (Leukemia virus) FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis), FIV (Feline immunodeficiency virus), HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy).

Our kittens can move to a new house not earlier than 4 months old. By this age the kittens are trained to use a cat toilet, to use scratching posts, used to hygienic procedures and vaccinated.

You may reserve a kitten you like. To do this you need to leave a deposit of 30% of its cost. If you are unable to redeem the kitten by the agreed time (but not later than 24 weeks since reservation), the deposit won’t be returned and considered to be a compensation to the breeder for keeping the kitten and the missed chances to sell it. When reserve a grown up kitten the deposit of 50% is left for a month maximum.

With a kitten you get an agreement, a vet passport, a pedigree (in case buying with a pedigree), the consultations and assistance in growing for our graduates.

The animal got by you can be one of below listed breeding classes:

Pet-quality (PET)
Breeder-quality (BREEDER)
Show-quality (SHOW)
Top-show-quality (TOP-SHOW)

Animal of PET quality are domestic favorites, certainly, very beautiful, lovely, animals whom for whatever reasons I have not included in the breeding program. They are sold with a condition of the subsequent sterilization (castration).

Reception of High Prizes by such animals at exhibitions in Show of eunuches is possible! (after sterilization). Such animals cost cheaper.

Show-quality sphynx has excellent quality, it is fully complying the standard. Such a sphynx can participate in breeding programs and in exhibitions. The owner of cattery gives a guarantee of health and quality to the moment of sale.

Show-animals are more expensive, than those of the PET-quality.

The Animals of the Show-quality are relatively expensive, they may participate in the breeding programs, and be successfully exposed at shows while receiving excellent appraisals and taking part at SHOW BEST.

And, at last, the Top-Show — the price for such animals are higher than that of other animals. Such sphynx kitten are not born often, as a rule, they are reserved beforehand by other sphynx breeders. Show and top-show animals are estimated at the moment of sale. The information about a purchase, a reservation of kittens you may get by e-mail.

The price is individual for each animal and depends on the value the kitten is for the cattery.

Canadian Sphynx cattery «ELATION» is registered in World Cat Federation (WCF) and World Cat Association (WCA).

Canadian Sphynx cattery «ELATION» is located not far from Moscow in one of the most picturesque towns of Moscow area — Dmitrov.

The photos made by a professional photograph Fesenko Elena (fesenko_elena@mail.ru) are used for this website.