Kittens Canadian SphynxAmazing creation of mother nature – cats of breed the Canadian Sphynx. The appearance of hairless cat with protruding ears, huge eyes and wrinkled skin is bound to cause a storm of emotions. This cute little creature is simply mesmerizing. Skeptics will say: «the Cat needs to be fluffy, what a mess!», but the one who touches the hot, tender, wrinkled skin, remember it is a touch long. High intelligence and excellent character continues to surprise, and, on closer acquaintance with the Canadian Sphinx, it will captivate your heart forever. No wonder those who are in love with these cats believe that one of the Sphinx is always small.

Hairless cats still existed at the time of the Egyptian pharaohs and extant of the legends that blue-eyed, white sphinxes guarded the temples of Egypt, and in ancient Mexico the Aztecs used naked cats warmers instead.

Closer of breed the canadian Sphynx was born in 1966 in Ontario, Canada. Gene mutation that caused the birth of a hairless kitten named Prune, very interested owners. Trying to fix an unusual gene, the kitten was bred with close relatives, but because of the frequent deaths of the descendants of the breeding work was suspended.

But nature is unique and special to us after 9 years in 1975, in the USA simple Shorthair cat gives birth to a hairless kitten and a little later a bald cat. These animals are the forerunners of elite lines of the canadian Sphynxes of America. And, in 1980 in Canada found three hairless kittens, who became the founders of the European blood line. For the development of a full breed breeders used the blood of the American Shorthair breed Devon Rex. Breeding Sphynx cats with similar, having very short curly hair, already in the first generation they had success.

Recognition Sphynx did not last long, and already in 1986 for the first time at the exhibition on system TICA cat Bitanya''s Lady Godiva have earned the title of Supreme Grand champion (SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION). Later, in 2002, the Association of Cat fanciers (CFA) decided to allow Sphinx to participate in the championship class competition, taking the final standard of the breed and abbreviation breed (SPH).

You dream that you met the devoted friend and the moment you hear your steps, joyfully pavliva tail and loudly Murcia, ran to meet you. You want it to be endlessly shared with you my warmth and tenderness that surprised you with their manners and unearthly charm. Are you sure Sphynx replace the dog that does not need to walk, and can be taught to fetch a ball or even Slippers. Sphynx kittens from a specialty nursery Elation opens the door to your dream.